The ​Medicine Wheel​ is a sacred symbol used by the indigenous plains tribes to represent all knowledge of the universe. The ​Medicine Wheel​ is a symbol of hope – a movement toward healing for those who seek it. The Medicine Wheel | St. Joseph’s Indian School


MEDICINE WHEEL SUPPLEMENTS L.L.C. is a Native American owned business established through the Muscogee Creek Nation.


A brief story… as a partner of MEDICINE WHEEL SUPPLEMENTS, my father was diagnosed with ​Leukemia​ and my mother with ​Alzheimer’s​ disease. It became apparent after many prescription medications and traditional medicine, that there were no signs of improvement. This set me on a path to try and help them to heal and live longer. We believe there is an alternative path to healing, a more holistic approach a balance of mind, body & spirit as symbolized in the Medicine Wheel. These gifts of Mother Nature, in the form of all- natural supplements, we bring to all people.